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Jersey Shore beaches hit by busy hurricane season, causing $5M in erosion in one town

The huge as well as powerful Storm Teddy churning in the Atlantic Ocean has actually been causing beach disintegration along parts of the Jersey Coast the past few days.

The Category 4 cyclone, expected to develop into a post-tropical cyclone later on Tuesday, has actually been creating higher-than-usual trends and also solid surf in Atlantic and also Cape May counties, resulting in some erosion.

” It’s churning up the seas … That’s most likely been the primary factor we’ve been seeing beach disintegration,” claimed National Climate Solution Meteorologist Paul Fitzsimmons.

The tornado, which is moving north towards Canada, has to do with 500 miles off the coast of New Jersey, he claimed.

In North Wildwood, Mayor Patrick Rosenello states he has actually been seeing major disintegration since about mid-August because of a number of back-to-back cyclones that swirled in the Atlantic. It has been an active storm period on the East Coastline, with 23 named tornados with Sept. 21, according to the Climate Network.

The city has actually lost about 300,000 cubic yards of sand because at the start of August, Rosenello approximates, which he stated might cost between $3 as well as $5 million to change. He claimed the beaches are marked by scraping, when high winds as well as waves scrape out pieces of coastlines, mostly by dunes, to create what looks like mini high cliffs.

North Wildwood authorities have been positioning sand from the extensive Wildwood coastlines onto North Wildwood as well as additionally developed greater than 2,000 feet of bulkheads as part of emergency situation coastline replenishment, he claimed. In November, a $6.5 million coastline replenishment task in North Wildwood and also 2 other towns was offered government authorization to move on, however has not begun.

” There has actually been a spreading of these coastal storms,” he claimed. “We have not taken a direct hit yet, however you truly don’t need to take a direct hit to obtain considerable coastline erosion. You obtain sustained days of huge swells, which begins to eat into the coastline.”

In Ocean City, loads of people gathered on the beaches at 5th to 7th road to view surfers take advantage of the big waves. Little, regarding one-foot scarps were near the shore line.

North, in Ventnor, the city’s beaches southern of the Ventnor pier have actually also been experiencing disintegration because of typhoon season, stated commissioner Lance Landgraf.

On Sunday, when he visited the southerly section of the coastline, Landgraf stated the ocean water was hitting the dunes. Strolling on the sand was not feasible throughout high tide and also scarps were creating there, though the north end of the city’s coastlines remain in far better shape.

The Military Corps began establishing equipment for a dredging and also beach fill procedure on Absecon Island on Tuesday, he stated. The $23.8 million job, which will continue via November, calls for placing approximately 2 million cubic backyards of sand onto the beach in Atlantic City, Longport, Margate and Ventnor.

Landgraf claimed the current storms highlight the significance of such jobs in safeguarding the beaches.

“If we really did not have the dunes, that water would be hitting our boardwalk, striking the residences behind the boardwalk, and we would not have any type of security versus these tornados,” Landgraf said.

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The Biggest Wave Surfed This Year

Every winter, the high cliffs along Nazaré, a Portuguese fishing port north of Lisbon, come to be a grandstand for viewers seeing adventurer internet users drop right into the highest waves on earth.

On Feb. 11, they witnessed yet another world-record wave, this ridden by the 33-year-old Brazilian Maya Gabeira, a web surfer that nearly shed her life to the exact same wave.

Gabeira and also her tow companion, Sebastian Steudtner of Germany, remained in the lineup in Portugal to compete in the men’s group occasion at the Nazaré Tow Searching Challenge. Gabeira, the only female browsing in the men’s area, was in excellent placement when the greatest collection of the day rolled in.

” I was in the area,” she claimed this month from her home in Nazaré. “More take on than I am usually. I was actually close to catastrophe.”

Gabeira clutched the tow rope as Steudtner gunned their jet ski to 50 miles per hr, slinging her onto the lip of a cresting titan.

She flew down the face of the wave as it curled above then crashed in a series of what felt like surges, Gabeira stated, before engulfing her body in white water.

” I had never ever been so close to such an effective explosion,” she said. “I had actually never ever really felt that power. It felt actually frightening.”

This month, a team of private wave engineers and also scientists with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography as well as the College of Southern The Golden State Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Design determined the wave Gabeira rode that day was 73.5 feet, wrecking her very own previous record by greater than 5 feet.

It wasn’t just the largest wave ever ridden by a female. It was the largest wave surfed by anyone during the 2019-20 winter season, a first for women in professional surfing.

” I think it’s actually important for the next generation of women growing up to see women accomplishing these points,” claimed Paige Alms, 32, among the globe’s best huge wave surfers. “You can just actually desire as large as what you can see.”

Gabeira’s run vanquished the 70-foot wave surfed by the Nazaré Tow Obstacle champ Kai Lenny, also on Feb. 11. It was a Danica Patrick minute for large wave browsing.

Not everybody was ready to crown Gabeira, however. Hours after she captured her record-breaking wave, Justine Dupont, a 29-year-old from Southwest France– widely thought about among the leading 3 females in large wave browsing, along with Gabeira as well as Alms– captured a wave that some thought was equally as huge as Gabeira. Her wave, which was determined to be roughly 70 feet, earned her the females’s crown at Nazaré and flight of the year from the World Browse League.

” It’s incomplete scientific research,” the huge wave internet user Greg Long stated, “and also when we’re talking globe documents it’s important that you generate an extra scientific as well as detailed ways.”

Michal Pieszka, a surf researcher at Kelly Slater’s wave swimming pool, led the research in partnership with scientists. They checked out the tides, light and also shadows, which can influence perception and size in a photograph, and also the things in each image. They examined both camera angles as well as the electronic camera lenses involved in recording Gabeira as well as Dupont’s waves.

Dupont continues to be doubtful of their final thought.

However, the Globe Surf League and Guinness accredited Gabeira’s document, fueling what is becoming the best competition in the background of females’s big wave searching.

Garrett McNamara, a huge wave legend, first came across the waves of Nazaré when he was contacted in 2005 by a Portuguese bodyboarder named Dino Casimiro, the son of a Nazaré fisherman who wanted to raise the account of his little Portuguese community. They emailed to and fro, but McNamara really did not prepare a trip until his better half located an invitation from Casimiro, which he ‘d sent out in 2009, floating in their archives.

At the time, McNamara was looking for the evasive 100-foot wave, something none of the recognized browsers at the time might provide. When he reached Nazaré’s cliffside lighthouse in 2010 as well as stared out at the greatest wave he had actually ever before seen, his holy grail dream had come to be an opportunity.

For tow-in surfers like Gabeira and also Dupont that go after such giant waves, there is an important team effort element. Two internet users need an experienced vehicle driver on the jet ski, armed with a radio to connect with a cliffside watchman to assist identify where as well as when the next monster might increase, and where they need to be to capture it. In two competitions, the jet ski driver divides the handbag with a winning web surfer.

In 2011, McNamara surfed a 78-foot wave at Nazaré as well as established a globe document. His peers in the large wave community were prideful. It did not have the traditional shape of some noteworthy huge waves, like Jaws in Maui, they said, as well as most presumed it lacked the power, also.

” It resembled I was crying wolf,” McNamara stated. Hawaii might get one 60-foot swell a year, and Mavericks in Northern California may get a 60- to 80-foot swell every now and then, he claimed. “Nazaré is 60 to 80 feet 10, 20, 30 times a year.”

Gabeira as well as Steudtner were amongst the initial to follow McNamara to Nazaré, though they soon experienced the slim margin for mistake. In 2013, Gabeira erased a 50-foot wave and also was held underwater for numerous mins. She was hardly conscious when she ordered a dangling tow rope, only to be dragged towards shore facedown, getting pulled from the water without a pulse. CPR saved her life, yet she had snapped her best fibula and also herniated a disk in her reduced back.

Her healing took 4 years and three back surgical treatments. She lost all of her sponsors, handled a stress and anxiety disorder and also anxiety attack, and also was reprimanded openly as well as cautioned independently by legends of her sport, including Laird Hamilton, who publicly slammed her after her 2013 mishap.

In 2015, Gabeira relocated to Nazaré full time, and also by 2018 she had established a world record for females after riding a 68-foot wave at the exact same break. A pleasant competition with Dupont would certainly soon follow.

” When we are in the water,” Dupont stated, “I do not feel like I’m contending against her. I’m not even contending. I simply push my very own limits. I intend to browse bigger waves, to establish the center line. I want to find out about myself, regarding my emotion. I’m way a lot more passionate concerning this than about winning or about obtaining the most significant wave or not.”

Big wave surfing has actually never had to do with the money for the elite surfers around the world who go after the most significant swells. Many are young men who take advantage of a blend of sponsorships, frugality and also frequent-flier miles to go after waves from The golden state to Mexico, Hawaii as well as Tahiti, from Indonesia to South Africa and also Australia.

” The best specialists, via the years, have actually had the ability to make a way of living, not a living,” Long said. “They do it due to the fact that they are the very best in the world as well as due to the fact that they love it.”

Females have actually long faced questions, dismissal and also outright rejection that they belong in the lineup amongst big wave battery chargers. They have rarely had access to the sort of sponsorship it requires to go after swells. After McNamara’s world record, he was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. It stays to be seen if that will certainly happen for Gabeira.

” Of the leading 10 big wave females worldwide, there’s three making money,” Alms said. “The leading 10 male large wave internet users own homes, traveling year-round and bringing their households with them.”

It can be lonely for women in any surf schedule, but specifically on the most significant days at the biggest brows breaks. Dupont and also Gabeira have proven that women not just belong in the lineup, but that they are capable of surfing with the most effective.

” I’m simply delighted that a lady surfed the greatest wave of the year,” Gabeira stated. “It’s possible. Other women can do it.

” I such as to make something that seems so difficult to be feasible. Due to the fact that then it’s so much simpler for the next one.”

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Frank Chenault right from childhood had the ability to understand that if one wishes to be successful as an experienced internet user, after that one should not see Surfing as a game or sporting activity yet must be taken as a routine, a way of living. He’s of the belief that Browsing has to be ingrained in one’s DNA if one is to be successful at it.

Frank Chenault didn’t just discover the sporting activity, he discovered the sport in the very early years of his life along Laguna Coastline. Frank Chenault draws on nearly a lifetime of experience riding the waves. He loved the ocean as well as the shore when he first relocated to Big Sur, California, with his household when he was a boy. Currently a baseball player as well as golfer, Frank Chenault instructed himself to browse and started contending at the amateur level around the age of 20.

His years of acquiring skills, showmanship and also extreme training settled paved Way for him promptly. He completed as an amateur in the WSA, got approved for the USA Searching Federation state champions where he finished 4th place, which won him a ticket to the National Competitors in Hawaii. This developed him fully as an expert web surfer.

Frank Chenault took a time-out from specialist Surfing and returned to back as an expert Web surfer in 2003. Because of his resurgence, he has participated successfully in numerous Organization of Surfing Professionals occasions, including a competitor on the Atlantic coastline of France.

In between the Year 2011 and 2018, Frank has actually completed in an overall of 25 professional searching occasions. Thus far in the year 2018, he has completed in four events: Sunset Open where he finished in 105th location; RonJon Quiksilver Pro, completed at the 49th location; Jack’s Surfboards Pro, 113th place and ShoeCity Pro, ending up at 73rd area.

Frank Chenault's amazing "Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool "
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Frank Chenault’s amazing “Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool “

Frank Chenault is a professional surfer and entrepreneur who guides Chenault Enterprises as head acquisition director. His current enterprise builds on skills he gained with the Quantum Group, where he served tower owners spanning the country and drove sustained growth. Frank Chenault’s passion for surfing extends to his teenage years, which he spent along the Central California coast. He taught himself to catch waves by paddling out each day after school and received his fair share of cuts and bruises. After a year, the hard work paid off, as he successfully caught a tube in Laguna Beach.

By his last year in high school, Mr. Chenault was among a local surf shop’s top team riders and began competing seriously. At age 20, he joined the Western Surfing Association and competed as an amateur, next to making the jump to the state championships of the United States Surfing Federation. Finishing in fourth place, he qualified for the nationals in Hawaii.

Today, Frank Chenault balances surfing and professional endeavors with a fulfilling family life that includes his daughter and her mother.

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Frank Chenault is a professional surfer and entrepreneur who guides Chenault Enterprises as head acquisition director. His current enterprise builds on skills he gained with the Quantum Group, where he served tower owners spanning the country and drove sustained growth. Frank Chenault’s passion for surfing extends to his teenage years, which he spent along the Central California coast. He taught himself to catch waves by paddling out each day after school and received his fair share of cuts and bruises. After a year, the hard work paid off, as he successfully caught a tube in Laguna Beach.

By his last year in high school, Mr. Chenault was among a local surf shop’s top team riders and began competing seriously. At age 20, he joined the Western Surfing Association and competed as an amateur, next to making the jump to the state championships of the United States Surfing Federation. Finishing in fourth place, he qualified for the nationals in Hawaii.

Today, Frank Chenault balances surfing and professional endeavors with a fulfilling family life that includes his daughter and her mother.

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Meet Frank Chenault, The Fifty-Year-Old QS Grinder

“I think he feels like he missed out on living the dream as a kid… So he’s now fifty years old and he’s trying to get back in the WSL.”

Getting older ain’t so bad.

You may pack on a few pounds, it may take a while to work out the kinks each morning, your younger sexual partners may come coupled with daddy issues- but there’s enough upside to balance out the down. Grab a little wisdom on your way to the grave, earn a little money, gain enough perspective that those crushing defeats that are part of life don’t feel quite so bad. Part of trying is failing, and failing ain’t the end.

Frank Brent Chenault was brought to my attention as the Florida Pro, a QS 1500, ran at Sebastian Inlet in mid-January. An email from Ashton hit my inbox saying something along the lines of, “There’s this random middle-aged dude surfing right now and the commentators are losing their shit over it. I gotta know more about this guy.”

Frank didn’t fare so well during the heat. It was small, blown out junk; the other competitors struggled to find opportunities for single maneuver fin blows, whitewater bonks, reverses. Not the conditions in which a grown man will fair well against youth.

Chenault’s presence grabbed my interest and some light internet stalking blew it up. Frank wasn’t some local who entered on a whim. He’s a guy in his early fifties who’s been surfing multiple QS events since the late Oughts. Chenault has a website, wherein he states, “Frank Chenault isn’t a man to be called an overachiever, it will rather be safe to say he is a man who has undoubtedly tried to make the best out of all that life has tossed his way. Frank Chenault is a professional surfer, entrepreneur, and a quantum physics researcher.”

Taken together it painted a picture of a delightful eccentric. A man who was unable to chase his dreams in youth and so decided to take a shot in his middle years. Many things that are out of reach, financially, for young men are, in fact, not so expensive once you’ve built a career and earned a little dough. I wanted to learn more about Frank and, after a bit of back and forth, was able to get him on the phone.

Frank Chenault speaks with a salesman’s cadence, delivered rapid-fire and with a confidence intended to project success without self-denigration. He comes across as self-assured, though he has a tendency to name drop, espousing the belief that, while his age is a barrier to competitive victory, his ability on board coupled with heat tactics could provide him an actual shot at success.

Chenault’s initial foray into competitive surfing began in the 80’s, when he placed fourth in the USSF State Championships, earning a spot on the national team. He followed it up with some Bud Tour events, before life got in the way. He had a daughter, needed to earn a living, and hung up his jersey. Chenault quit surfing for a period, moved to Arizona in order to be closer to his offspring, until he was able to return to the coast and return to the sport that he loves.

“One of the things that keeps me fired up and coming back is when I went up against Andy Irons. It was Halloween day, of 2009, at Sunset and there was a lot of controversy about that heat. The end result was Andy got second, I got third, Chris Foster got last, and this guy from Big Island won the heat. A lot of people came up to me and were like, ‘You won that heat. Holy shit.’

“It took them forever to announce the results and, you know, I’m not taking anything away from Andy, but I trained hard too and they gave it to Andy. It was politics. The only reason I bring this up, because god bless Andy, I loved the guy. But I knew I beat him in that heat.

“But the thing is, that’s what keeps me coming back. What happened that day is probably the biggest driving force that keeps me coming back and doing events all over the planet—to make sure I qualify for Sunset. So you can call it making up for whatever, but that’s pretty much my story in a nutshell.”

It’s a bold and questionable claim, even if 2009 was the year Irons took a sabbatical from the Tour and was, unbeknownst to a large part of the surf world, struggling with demons and addiction. It’s also near impossible to verify, heat sheets are unattainable and results outside the finals, which saw Hank Gaskell take the win, are non-existent.

But, in the end, it doesn’t matter. We all tell ourselves stories in order to live, it’s true. And often those stories grow larger with each telling.

In his pursuit for competitive dominance, Chenault has turned to surf coach, Mike Lamm, for guidance. Lamm has worked with luminaries such as Tim and Nathaniel Curran, Lakey Peterson, Tia Blanco, and Nick Rosa. Lamm’s outlook isn’t quite as rosy as the one espoused by Chenault. But he thinks Frank has a chance to taste some success, though not on the level Frank hopes.

“Being really clear, I don’t think Frank’s dream, currently, is to win a WSL contest. He’s kind of a guy who did the amateur ranks in his twenties and then business took him away from his, let’s just say his middle life, when he felt that he really should have been training and surfing. I think he feels like he missed out on living the dream as a kid. Being on the world tour and what have you. So he’s now fifty years old and he’s trying to get back in the WSL.”

“His dream is, of course, pie-in-the-sky, to win a WSL event,” Lamm continued. “But what he’s communicated to me is that his dream to win a heat, or make a heat. To put together a really good heat against this level of competition. And after twenty-five, or thirty years of the sport advancing, he’s got to really play the game. What we’re working on is teaching him tactics. How to really organize and set up a really good surfing round. So he’s got really good tactical play. Then the next thing is his delivery on a wave. Once you catch that wave, what you’re going to deliver and throwback to a judge.

“I can’t guarantee that he’s ever going to win a WSL event. I can’t guarantee that. But what I can guarantee is that he’s going to understand his tactics beautifully, and we’re going to work on his technique. He’ll start to organize a much better round, I’m looking to reduce mistakes, so he’s not taking off on bad waves. Understanding how to play the game well.

“If he really makes beautiful tactics, really opens up and hits his level, is it an impossibility to make a heat? It’s not impossible. But, you know, I’m kind of a realist. If you’re going to Florida and it’s one foot and junky, the kids are just so fast and they’re flipping new school tricks and you just kinda go, ‘That’s not in your wheelhouse, braddah.’

“But if he gets in, you know, four or five foot surf and he really hits his level, I’m not going to tell him that his dream of making a heat here and there on the WSL is impossible.”

Is Chenault going to dial in his approach and take the ‘QS by storm? Probably not. He might make a heat or two, count it a victory, and move on with his life. But that’s the case with the vast majority of surfers. Each year the ‘QS is awash in names chasing a dream they’ll never catch. Chenault may be no different, but he’s also no worse. If anything, he stands to come out ahead of the young men destined to fail. He’s built a life and now gets to chase his dreams without worry of what comes next.

“I’m not going away, because I’m here to make a fucking statement. Those fucking judges are going to give me the goddamn scores and I’m gonna advance. I’m not here to win a title… I mean, let me rephrase that. Yes, I’m here to win a title [laughs], I would love that. I could win an event, if conditions are right and I’m able to put it together all the way through to the final. But what’s most important to me is making it through a couple fucking heats. And I’m not going away, because the fire is still there.”


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To some, surfing is seen as a hobby, a favorite pastime, while to some professional surfer it is seen as a source or means to make a living but to a man like Frank Chenault, it is all of that and so many more. For a man who grew up close to the water, the waves of the ocean mean so much more to him. To Frank Chenault, surfing is a way of life.

Frank Chenault got enthralled by the ocean’s waves and beauty in his teen days. Each day after school, Frank made it an obligation to teach himself how to catch waves by paddling out each day after school and surfing just sort of grew on him. It was therefore not surprising that after Frank finished high school, he went off to pursue a career in surfing.

Frank’s career as a professional surfer kick-started when he joined the Western Surfing Association(WSA) around the age of 20. Upon joining WSA, he was privileged to compete as an amateur. This opportunity helped to show Frank’s uncanny aptness for the sport. His wonderful performance as an amateur further worn him a chance to compete at the state championships of the United States Surfing Federation.

Even though it was his first time as a competitor in the United States Surfing Federation’s state championships, Frank Chenault with his knack for the sport and a good amount of resilience, was able to earn a fourth-place ranking which further qualified him for the National Competition in Hawaii, making him one of the very few who has been known to qualify for the National Competition in their 20s.

This success could be said to be some sort of turnaround for Frank as he had to relocate to Hawaii, where he competed in a number of Hawaiian Surfing Federation events before moving back to the West Coast when he got married. Wanting to give all his best to his marriage, he took a break from surfing professionally until 2003 when he made his comeback into the world of professional surfing.

Since relaunching his professional career in 2003, he has participated in several Association of Surfing Professionals events, including a competition on the Atlantic coast of France.